Anti Mosquito Prank 1.0 apk (Android)

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  • Added: 08/13/2015
  • Downloads:69
  • Size: 2645 kb
  • Developer: Android Best App CHM
  • Os Support: Android



WARNING, Remember, use this app to tests only, experiments or fun and does not guarantee effective repel mosquitoes. That anti mosquito repellent app isn't confirm by science so this is like a prank app.

This app generates high frequency sounds, commands to test deterring nasty insects. The application does not guarantee protection from insects, but users are satisfied of the efficiency of this app.

Anti Mosquito Prank is an experimental application that you can test the sounds of different frequencies to deter mosquitoes.Application can complement traditional methods of fight with mosquitoes, type of spray, perfumes or waving hands to avoid bites.

This free mosquito repellent prank app is simple to use - just install it and start the emission of high-frequency sounds. You can use this app in background.

Test all mosquito control methods described in the application and share your opinion in the comments which one is most effective !!!

Nice moments without mosquitoes !!!

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