Friend Locator : Friend Mapper 1.0 apk (Android)

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  • Added: 05/03/2015
  • Downloads:860
  • Size: 2748 kb
  • Developer: Kings & Queens
  • Os Support: Android



Friend Locator : Friend Mapper is a unique friend finding and friend following application. You can always track and know where your friends and family members are. It gives your exact map link of location of all the individual people added in your list. It provides you the date and time of the location too. It will turn your mobile device into a perfect tracking device.

How the app works :
Step 1. Create your account by entering your name and email id. ( You'll get activation code in your email id )
Step 2. Get your activation code from your email account and activate your account.
Spet 3. Click on add friend icon to add as many friends you want to add.
Step 4. Click on send invite or accept invite ( if someone has invited you ). You'll get a list of mail ids of your friends.
Step 5. Select the mail id you want to add for tracking. The app will send a activation code in that particular email id. You friend needs to accept your invitation by entering that activation code into his Friend Mapper account.
Step 6. On activation of sent invitations or invitations accepted, you'll see a map link of all the friends accepted on the main page of the app. You can click on the map link to enlarge the map to see more details.

App features :

* Add as many friends you want. Its completely free.
* Provides you a map link of exact location of all your friend, timely updating his location as he moves.
* It provides you the current location of the last updated location of your friends.
* You can update your location status every 1, 10 and 30 minutes.
* It tracks your friend using your friend's mobile GPS service. The mobile's GPS needs to be active to get the most perfect location links.
* Internet is not required to run this app.
* Most suitable to track your friends and family.

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